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The Wonder Boy


The Wonder Boy

A few lucky people are born with genius level IQs. But not all of them dictate their special gift helping others.

John Ablemore is one of those special souls who not only possesses an overabundance of intelligence but has a heart to match. With the huge amount of money he generated from the wise investments he made as a very young man, John has established a non-profit organization to help the poor and needy on a global basis. His romantic relationship with Julia, a like-minded admirer, adds joy to his life, over and above the joy he receives from the humanitarian tasks he dedicates all his efforts and fortune to achieve.

John Ablemore is truly a 'Wonder Boy' who amazes the works community not only with his brains and generous donations, but also with his character and compassionate heart - a shining example of a humble person helping humans in need.

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