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Witness a poignant tale of how one girl became ‘A Recluse No More’

Author Sameer Zahr shows the importance of self-love and encourages helping others through new novel

NAPLES, Fla. — Faith and self-love allow many doors to open and succeed, such message is what author Sameer Zahr aims to impart through his latest literary offering, “A Recluse No More: Battling with the Dragons of the Mind” (published by Balboa Press). Based on a true story, the book narrates the journey of change from hiding to exposure of a young talented girl and her unique endeavor to help others and share her fortune.

“A Recluse No More” follows the story of Liya. An orphan, she faced great challenges and opportunities in her youth. She used her intelligence, her talent, and her inner and outer beauty to become an empowered avatar and a role model to many. She shared her secret to success: Live in the present moment.

A dedicated writer keen to express spiritual teachings through his writings, Zahr highlights the importance of self-worth and true love in this story, which also mirrors the topics on overcoming racial differences, avoiding loneliness and serving others in need, particularly orphans.

When asked what he wants readers to take away from the book, Zahr says, “To discover their life purpose, to live without fear, and to help others in need.” Ultimately, readers are invited to witness a powerful and poignant tale of how one girl became “A Recluse No More.”

An excerpt from the book reads:

I lived like an owl in the dark horrors of the night, and yearned to see the true light of the day. I begged for rescue from my deadly fears, and dreamed of life that was passing me by. I trembled from the demons that disguised my soul, and robbed me the joys of dancing in the light. I lived in silence and had no song to sing, or words to utter. Yet, the long deep sorrow I had felt, suddenly jumped out and left me to experience its brother joy.

“A Recluse No More: Battling with the Dragons of the Mind”

By Sameer Zahr

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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