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As a former international businessman, I understand the pressures and temptations of corporate success. My inspiration for Talk to Me came directly from my experiences, what I observed in co-workers, and lessons learned from my own journey. My motivation for putting these experiences into words is the hope that I can help those in the business world find a greater mission in life than making money, and a spiritual peace.

When you’re working in the high-stress, cutthroat world of high finance, you’re working without a net. In terms of the bottom line, you must deliver, and do so consistently. If you fail, there will not be a second chance. Warm sympathy or kind regard will not be directed your way. This creates a level of fear and anxiety that causes people to travel inward in a profoundly negative way – to shut out their ability to feel the pain of others, especially the pain that they may have directly caused. Their mind becomes a crude bunker that allows no light to enter. They see all of life in terms of ones and zeroes, wins and losses. It is an inhuman, mechanical, binary way of thinking that will eventually destroy them.

Talk to Me takes this financial world head-on. It offers an alternative way of living in it. By making the protagonist a Wall Street man, I wanted to show that it was possible to overcome everything that the corporate system uses to lure people into a life of callous excess. That a “numbers man” could apply his skills in service of humanity - in aid of those in need.

And yes, aside from the money and all the pleasures it promises, there is also an allure to the challenges of beating the market. People with a flair for conquering problems, for solving puzzles, can become addicted to the process of devising the next strategic win. But what Talk to Me aims to show is that there are challenges equal to or greater than knowing which stocks to buy, what investments to make. And that is the challenge of mending a broken heart. Of instilling hope in the hopeless. Of creating opportunity in a desert of want. Of saving lives.

It is my hope that Talk to Me, in some small way, might contribute to the ongoing struggle of love and light against darkness and fear.

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